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PUBLISHED: 6/29/2023

HI! been quiet for a bit and i havent even gotten any of the things ive wanted to talk about done >>_<< waauh. ah well, ill get it done eventually. probably. maybe.

june has felt sooooo fucking long for like no reason. maybe its bc its summer? school ended for me on the 7th [yippee] and ive been wasting my time ever since ::-P

mostly ive been playing solitaire and roblox but when i havent been doing that i HAVE been productive! ive started to work out more, ive been drawing character refs to prepare for artfight [experimenting with clip studio paint while im at it], and as you can tell - ive been making a LOT of additions to my website!

as you may have noticed, if you're perceptive - i've made a lot of visual updates including changing the border for the "panels" of my website [as i call them because i dont know terminology for this shit], adding more to the navigation bar, and making a Brand New Header. but while i'm at that i've also been working on cleaning up code behind the scenes. when i first started, i, for some ungodly reason, did insane shit with the paragraph tags so that i would have to put the same fucking style tag on every paragraph. i changed up my style sheet and how my website is formatted to clear that up, and also to make my website look a bit more accessible!

i've also been experimenting with javascript, though i haven't gotten much of anywhere with that.. >>_<< i did put a MAKE THAT SHIT BIG button on my coding playground though. thats something, right? thats cool?

and finally on my list of coding shit ive been doing, ive been working on developing a roleplay game on roblox just as a way to fuck around! except i havent done a whole lot of actual coding because i dont know shit. whoops.

when i walked in everything started to fall the fuck apart so i think that tells you how stuff is going

and finally: i mentioned i've been doing art, right? i haven't gotten a whole lot of pieces done [hopefully in these next 2 days before artfight i can pump shit out real fast] but i have a few things to show off:

i probably should have been more responsible and worked on more stuff but a few OC refs are better than none?

what to expect next: i'm working on a tutorial on how i make pins, a post about the credit issues that run rampant on graphics sites and unknown creators of old web media, a review of 10 roblox RPG games, and a guide of my own on how to begin your own website since ive been pressuring my friends into doing it ::-3

want to ask questions, share ideas, or talk about my latest post? email me at or check me out on tumblr @arcadegannonsmalewife and @moethman everywhere else, including twitter and instagram!

mothman signing off! have a GREAT DAY!!!