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PUBLISHED: 9/1/2023

HOLY SHIT i was gone for a while! two months, in fact!!!

right now im typing this up on a library computer because my laptop had a BIOS error and promptly shat itself >>_<< second time this has happened too. fuck you HP. [i need to get a PC or something but those are expensive as hell and i also would need to get a job first ::-/ working on it!]

so school started up for me a few days ago, and ive been a bit busy! i got my drivers license which means i have more freedom [and i get to wake up earlier] so thats pretty cool, and theater tech is beginning to start up again - meaning i'll have a pretty full schedule in the future, especially as i'm taking two art classes per week now and also planning on putting a painting up in an abstract art show! ::-P

i wish i could say i have an excuse to have kind of neglected this place for a bit, but i dont rly have one. ive just been playing pixelmon and other shit for like 75% of the time. i have plenty of ideas for things i want to post, i just havent really felt like posting them... but with my laptop having issues, i might as well get back into stuff since its harder to game on a school chromebook [fuck those things i miss my old laptop she was so sexy and good to me] and a library computer.

i'll probably make a post of a bunch of art i've been doing at some point or other, and i have a looot to say about the writing i've been doing [not a lot, actually, but more or less just about my story]. now that i need shit to procrastinate with in school, i've also been teaching myself javascript, yay~! >;;-D

sorry that i've vanished for so long and i came back with such a short update, tho i don't know how many people follow this blog anywho >>_0o. i should prooobably get off this computer soon, but i'll be looking into making more posts! let me know what u'd like to see from me ::-3

final note: i think i may have found the company that created hazmat.gif and co., my favorite GIF/GIF set of all time that i've been tirelessly hunting for the source of. i'll probably make my next post about that! until next time ::-D

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mothman signing off! have a GREAT DAY!!!